Offers for Groups

We have put together special themed offers and guided tour packages for groups. Should you have any special interests or requirements that are not covered, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Offer 1 – Art and Interiors in the Palace Museum
This guided tour through sumptuously furnished living quarters and grand state rooms shows how the Electors and Landgraves of Hesse lived and ruled. On display are large-scale official portraits, exquisite furniture from two centuries, valuable antiquities, gorgeous fabrics and historic wallpapers, as well as treasures that were part of the generous dowries of the princesses who married into the House of Hesse. Splendid objets d'art from all over Europe are evidence of the importance and numerous royal relatives of the House of Hesse (duration of tour approx. 50 minutes).

Price per guide: Set fee of 90 euros (maximum group size 20 people)

Offer 2 – Fascinating Porcelain Treasures
One of the largest privately owned collections of porcelain, the collection features treasures from almost all of the world's important porcelain factories. It also includes the largest tableware service ever produced by Berlin's KPM : the "vom Eisernen Helm" ('Iron helmet') service with 1,880 individual pieces. Meissen porcelain figurines, exquisite Sèvres bowls and plates, and valuable vases made by famous Japanese and Chinese factories are also on display. This guided tour is suitable for wheelchair users (duration approx. 50 minutes).

Price per guide: Set fee of 90 euros (maximum group size 20 people) 

Offer 3 – Guided Tour around the English Style Landscape Park ParkExtending over an area of around 30 hectares, the palace park is a perfect miniature landscape created by a mix of wilderness and carefully maintained areas. Its many picturesque spots can be reached via labyrinthine paths as well as straight, imposing tree-lined avenues. On the guided tour, visitors find out more about the park's history. Before they were redesigned in the English landscape style, which is explained in more detail on the tour, the grounds were laid out in the typical, very formal Baroque style  (duration approx. 90 minutes).

Price per guide: Set fee of 150 euros * maximum group size 30 people

Offer 4: Masterful Portraits by 19th Century Court Painters

"...extremely flattering and beautifully painted...", was how Victoria, Princess Royal and Empress of Germany, described the portrait which Angeli painted of her. It met the commissioner's expectations but is also a perfect example of the famous artistry of the "court painters": the three portrait artists Franz Xaver Winterhalter (1805 –1873), Franz von Lenbach (1836 –1904) and Heinrich von Angeli (1840 –1925). This special exhibition, which runs from 28 June to 2 November 2014, focuses on the particular style they painted their portraits in but also examines the relationship between the painters and their aristocratic models (duration of tour approx. 60 minutes).

Cost: Set fee of 100 euros per guide, * maximum group size 20 people

Offer 5: Prussia in Hessen - on the Trail of Frederick the Great

Numerous works of art at the summer residence of the Landgraves of Hesse are a reminder of the fact that two Prussian princesses married into the House of Hesse. The tour focuses on important works and family portraits by Prussian artists. The museum also houses one of the largest collections of porcelain made by KPM, the royal porcelain manufactory in Berlin, which Frederick the Great established in 1763 (duration of tour approximately 60 minutes).

Price per guide: Set fee of 100 euros * maximum group size 20 people

Offer 6: On the Trail of the House of Orange-Nassau

William I of the Netherlands lived in Fulda between 1802 and 1806, when he was Prince of Nassau-Orange-Fulda. He received many of the renowned personages of his time at the summer residence Schloss Fasanerie – for example the King and Queen of Prussia.
Several hints of this connection between the Houses of Hesse and Orange can be found in the palace museum, for instance a gallery of 10 life-size portraits of the commanders of Maastricht garrison from the town's government building (duration approximately 60 minutes).

Price per guide: Set fee of 100 euros * maximum group size 20 people

You have plenty of time on your hands? Then why not combine one of the popular guided tours around the palace with a visit to our café for a cup of coffee and some homemade cake. Or partake of some truly noble epicurean delights by tasting the fine wines produced by our "Prinz von Hessen" vineyard. Have a rest from these fast-paced times and relax in the baroque ambience of our Schlosscafé. Various hospitality offers, such as coffee and cake, a hot meal or a cold food platter, can be arranged when you book a guided group tour.

Please call +49 (0) 661 / 941 83 48 to book a table at the Schlosscafé or the "Die Fasanerie" restaurant.

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