Exhibition catalogues

Every year Schloss Fasanerie displays some of the House of Hesse art collection in the form of special exhibitions. A catalogue that also serves as a record of sections of the extensive art collection is published to accompany each of these exhibitions. All catalogues still in stock may be ordered here online by mail order.

All publications are in German, you can find all of them here.

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Fabergé – Gifts from the house of Romanov

Authors: Markus Miller, Christine Klössel, Andreas Dobler, Alexander von Solodkoff, Thomas Aufleger und Maria Morstein 
Publisher: Michael Imhof Verlag
Extent: 160 Seiten
Language: German
Edition: 2016

The unmatched objects crafted by Russian jeweler Peter Carl Fabergé from the decades around 1900, which were commissioned by the families of the last two tsars, are masterpieces of European decorative art. They combine the finest taste with the highest technical perfection. Artwork from Fabergé was presented as a gift within the House of Romanov on various occasions and sent all over Europe to the royal relatives. Thus his objects are also symbols of the well-functioning international network of dynasties in the 19th century. 

The exhibition “Fabergé – Gifts from the House of Romanov” (June to November 2016) and the present catalogue show more than 100 objects of the famous jeweler and illustrate the connection of the Russian imperial family to German principalities using the children of the Grand Duke Ludwig IV of Hesse and by the Rhine and his wife Alice, born princess of Great Britain, as examples. The personalities involved are introduced through contemporary photos, selected portraits and personal items.

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Medals on Royal Porcelain (2013)

Authors: Markus Miller and Andreas Dobler
Publisher: Michael Imhof Verlag
Language: German
Extent: 240 pages
Edition: 2013

The exhibition "Medals on Royal Porcelain" was dedicated to the phenomenon of decoration service in Russia and Prussia. The exhibition was accompanied by a catalog published in 2013.

The so-called "Generals Services" produced by KPM were presented and described. Especially with the service of Prince Wilhelm of Prussia all the pieces are still preserved in Darmstadt.

The Hessian service from Iron Helmet, the largest service, the KPM has ever made ​​is completely presented in the book. All dessert plates and coffee cups are cataloged and illustrated in color. This banquet china provides an exceptional and complete testimony to the skills of the KPM in the period around 1820.


The catalog includes over 500 illustrations.

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