Offers for Groups

Here you will find an overview of our guided tours for groups. If you have any other special interests or requirements that are not covered, please contact us. We will be happy to make you an offer!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Castle tour: Princely home decor

This guided tour through magnificently furnished living rooms and  representative halls shows how the princes and Landgraves of Hesse onced lived and worked. On display are large-scale official portraits, exquisite furniture from two centuries, valuable antiquities, gorgeous fabrics and historic wallpapers, as well as treasures that were part of the generous dowries of the princesses who married into the House of Hesse. Exquisite art objets from all over Europe are evidence of the importance and numerous royal relatives of the House of Hesse (duration of tour approx. 50 minutes).

Price per guide: Set fee of 170 euros (maximum group size 20 people)

Costume tour: With prince or princess through the baroque castle

Prince Frederick William or Princess Karoline accompany visitors through the palace and tell of the time when it was still inhabited by a large royal household. During the tour, their highnesses reveal one or two anecdotes. In an entertaining way, interesting facts about court life at the time and the history of the House of Hesse are conveyed. (duration approx. 50 minutes)

Price per guide: Set fee of 190 euros (maximum group size 20 people)

Guided tour through the porcelain collection

Schloss Fasanerie houses one of the largest privately owned collections of porcelain. The collection includes courtly dinner services from the 18th and 19th centuries and figurative porcelain from the royal manufactories of Berlin's KPM, Meissen, Copenhagen and Sèvres. In addition, remarkable individual pieces from smaller princely manufactories are on display (duration approx. 50 minutes).

Price per guide: Set fee of 170 euros per guide (maximum group size 20 people) 

Guided tour through the special exhibition

Here you can find our special exhibition. (duration of tour approx. 60 minutes).

Price per guide: Set fee of 170 euros per guide, (maximum group size 20 people)

Would you like to combine two tours or would you like a specific thematic focus?

Please do not hesitate to contact us: Phone: +49 (0)661/ 94 86-0.

Would you like to enjoy fresh coffee or homemade cake before or after your tour? In the castle café you can relax in the baroque ambience and escape from the hectic everyday life. Various offers, such as coffee and cake or a hot meal, can be booked in addition to each group tour:

Phone Schlosscafé and Restaurant "Die Fasanerie" +49 (0)661/ 941 83-48.

Registration before your visit

Please notify us of your group's visit in good time, at least 5 days before the desired date, stating the number of persons: by telephone on +49 (0)661/ 94 86-0 or by e-mail at

You can also book your group tour online.