The Porcelain Collection

The permanent porcelain collection on the ground floor of the north wing is a separate department within the museum. It displays the kind of treasures you would usually expect to see only in a museum dedicated to porcelain and ceramics. A wide and varied range of tableware, figurines, and also furniture decorations and richly decorated ceramic stoves introduce visitors to the world of the "white gold".

The state banqueting services are impressive alone due to the sheer number of individual pieces, and the extremely varied range of decorations. On display, for example, is a service manufactured in Berlin for the court at Kassel, of which all of the approximately 1,800 pieces have survived to this day. A 19th century service made by the French Sèvres manufactory that is decorated with floral motifs is a particularly fine example of the art of china painting.  Each of the 258 pieces of the service shows a different plant, painted to unparalleled perfection. Interested connoisseurs will find pieces from every famous European porcelain factory in the extensive and unique collection of porcelain, as well as rarities from China and Japan.