FEINWERK - Market for genuine things

It's a market for real things - because we love real things! Things that surround us in everyday life and those for special occasions. Things that we buy to have for a long time and that maybe one day we will inherit.

Longevity has to do with first-class material, quality craftsmanship and good design. All of this is important to us. Traditional and innovative at the same time, that's how many factories, craftsmen and designers work. With love and conviction they manufacture the things that we offer a platform with FEINWERK.

It is a market for modern design, high-quality craftsmanship - and for culinary specialties. In addition, live music, workshop offers and high-quality gastronomy. FEINWERK should be a stage for new inspirations. Modern and urban. At the same time, the good, the traditional, the real in view. That is FEINWERK. The market for real things.