Antiquity Collection

Experts consider the Schloss Fasanerie collection of antiquities as the most important private collection in Germany – due to its broad range, which includes large-scale sculptures, busts, ceramics and all kinds of small objets d'art from over a thousand years of history.

Every department in this collection features outstanding exhibits much admired by numerous renowned archaeologists. The marble portrait of Caligula, for example, is considered his best surviving image. The so-called "Cecrops Krater", an Attic vase that is approximately 2,400 years old, is not only frequently mentioned in archaeological journals; it is now even pictured in numerous school textbooks.

The diversity of the collection of vases also provides a good overview of the many different shapes and the art of vase painting in the course of the centuries. Major large-scale sculpture works, an extensive collection of terracotta figurines and gold jewellery worked in many different ways complete the collection.