Preserving our common heritage

"The key purpose of the foundation is the preservation and conservation of the art collections and cultural heritage of the House of Hesse electors, with a particular focus on presenting the centuries old cultural goods in such a way that the cultural history shared by what is now the federal state of Hessen and the House of Hesse can be uniquely experienced by everyone. The aim is to preserve both the aesthetics and importance of the objects and sources but also to inspire interest in and curiosity about the cultural heritage of the region that is now the federal state of Hessen.“

Donatus Landgrave of Hesse, 2013

By preserving and exhibiting the historical buildings and collections, gardens and goods which have belonged to the family for generations, the House of Hesse Cultural Foundation can make an important contribution to promoting the federal state of Hessen as a European Region of Culture, particularly in view of the fact that the European Union recommends a cultural policy roadmap as a message for and means of European integration. Especially the pan-

European nature of the dynasty of the House of Hesse, with its family ties to the monarchies of England, Russia, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Prussia, is useful for illustrating the old aristocratic lineages to future generations, and also mirrors Europe's transnational future.