Previous exhibitons at Schloss Fasanerie

Special exhibitions focusing on one specific topic or part of the collection have been held in the so-called "Badehaus", the 'bath house', in previous years.

"Orden auf königlichem Porzellan" (2013)

This special exhibition to mark the 250th anniversary of Königliche Porzellanmanufaktur Berlin focused on the "vom Eisernen Helm" ('Iron helmet') tableware service manufactured especially for the Elector of Hesse, and KPM's military commander china.

Exhibition accompanied by a catalogue.

"Von Meissen nach Hessen - Tafelzier aus 300-jähriger Tradition" (2010)

To mark 300 years of porcelain manufacture in Europe, Schloss Fasanerie museum showed its collection of precious Meissen porcelain figurines and pieces of tableware services.

"Fürstenkinder - Porträts vom 16. bis 21. Jahrhundert im Hause Hessen" (2008/2009)

With more than 100 paintings and drawings, the exhibition in the "Badehaus" at Schloss Fasanerie spanned over six centuries of portraits of children belonging to the House of Hesse dynasty.

"Die Darmstädter Silberkammer – Werke alter Edelschmiedekunst" (2007)

Selected treasures from the former silver chamber of the Darmstadt branch of the family.

"... im Interesse der Allgemeinheit ergänzen" (2006)

New acquisitions made by the House of Hesse Foundation over 25 years.

"ANTIKE" (2005)

Highlights from the House of Hesse collection of Greek and Roman art.

"Interieurs der Biedermeierzeit" (2004)

Watercolors of interiors of palaces and stately homes owned by the House of Hesse.

"Die Schlösser der gepriesenen Insel" (2003)

Gerhard Bätz and Manfred Kiedorf's big world - miniature buildings and scenes

"Gehäuse der Zeit“ (2002)

Five centuries of clocks from the House of Hesse Foundation collections.

"Im Schatten der Krone“ (2001)

Victoria, Empress Frederick (1840 – 1901), a life surrounded by the arts.

"Königliches Porzellan aus Frankreich“ (1999)

Collector's pieces and services from the Vincennes/Sèvres factory.

”Die Mitgift einer Zarentochter” (1998)

Masterpieces of Russian art from the Historicism period.

"Im Lichte Venedigs” (1996)

Drawings by Tiepolo and Venetian paintings from the 18th century.

"Der Park” (1994)

The historic 18th and 19th century garden at Schloss Fasanerie.

"Das weiße Gold des Nordens” (1992)

18th and 19th century Royal Copenhagen porcelain.

"Silber auf Reisen" (1991)

18th and 19th century silverware.